1. Rebecca Boyd Defina, who will use her funding to attend street art and stenciling workshops in Melbourne in order to extend her painting skills.

2. Leone Rogers, who will be mentored by professional comedian Tim Ferguson and photographer / filmmaker Rosie Spooner, allowing her to storyboard, cast, edit and shoot footage for a song that she co-wrote with award-winning songwriter Matt Scullion - 'Keep It Simple' - the Milton / Ulladulla Song. Leone will also work with local community groups who will participate in and experience the film making process.

3. The Escalators, who will use the funds to attend professional development workshops with music producer / engineer Syd Green, with the view to producing three original compositions.
Paul Dimmer

Escape ARTfest 2015

Hold on to your hats people... ARTfest 2015 is just around the corner and this peaceful little community is about to CLASH!

Mark your calendars and make sure you experience a spectacular 2 weeks of artistic bliss in the MUD. The Milton Ulladulla District comes alive between September 18 and October 4. With an amazing line-up of creative events and happenings, ARTfest celebrates the full spectrum of art and culture... visual arts, sculpture, photography, music, literature, digital arts, film, performance, gourmet delights, youth and community. Each year the festival has a central theme. For 2015 the theme is CLASH. Expect a wacky and diverse range of interpretations and surprises as the local creatives get inspired...


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Rick and Sarah Stein