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Join internationally renowned musician Sally Seltmen, visual story teller Andrew Antoniou and artist Fernanda O'Connell ‘on the couch’ as they talk about art, influences, life and some good old rock and roll stories with our host music journalist, Bernard Zuel.

With music by The Stayers

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Your host - Bernard Zuel
Bernard Zuel is an Australian music journalist. Bernard has written for Fairfax Media newspapers The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald since 1992. As of August 2013, he is the senior music writer and reviewer for Fairfax Media.

Bernard Zuel is a judge of the Australian Music Prize award.


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Sally SeltmannSally Seltmann is the award-winning Australian singer – songwriter behind intoxicating albums such as ‘Hey Daydreamer’, ‘Heart That’s Pounding’, ‘Somewhere, anywhere.’ and ‘The Last Beautiful Day’. She is the co-writer of the hit song ‘1234’, performed by Feist. Sally Seltmann previously performed under the name New Buffalo, and is a member of Seeker Lover Keeper. Sally Seltmann’s first novel ‘Lovesome’ was published by Allen & Unwin in 2018.

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Fernanda O'Connell

Growing up in the high-density environment of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fernanda dreamed of living by the sea to enjoy a coastal lifestyle. By the time she began bodyboarding at 11 years of age, it became clear to her that the ocean would provide the focus in her life. 

Her love for the ocean is reflected in her paintings and her aim is to bring to canvas perspectives of the sea that only a surfer could explain. Fernanda approaches her seascapes preferring to explore them with the absence of people so that viewers can imagine themselves experiencing the excitement, power and beauty of the ocean without distractions.

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Andrew Antoniou

Andrew Antoniou has committed himself to an uncompromising vision in his art, creating a powerful and engaging body of work in which his drawings, etchings and paintings reflect an interior world. This world is experienced through the subconscious and the imagination, through a cast of characters brought together in fantastic circumstances and enigmatic ritual, all expressed in his confident visual language.


While his drawings exhibit a certain density, they also have a subtle quality that comes from his method of drawing in charcoal,with additions and erasures that both intensify the solidity of his characters and add to a sense of stasis or stillness, while simultaneously implying arrested action - his images are moments snatched in time, much like a film still or a scene glanced through the window of a passing vehicle.
Antontiou's work presents images that have a strangely convincing quality, defying their absurdity, through the unified quality of his drawing and sense of calm normalcy that his subjects project. His work has moved beyond the randomness of surrealism into a realm of fantasy and imagination that is carefully considered and quite deliberate.

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The Stayers

Whether performing their own material or songs by writers they admire, The Stayers are sure to have you smiling and tapping your feet playing a stripped back, feel good style of music. Well crafted songs with a  cool groove, that's what The Stayers are all about. 

Their 2005 album "About Time" reached No.2 on the Australian Blues and Roots airplay chart. Follow the link on the home page for purchase details.

Other achievements include winning the Sydney Blues Challenge and representing the the Sydney Blues Society at the International blues Challenge in Memphis.

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Saturday 12th October 2019


4:00pm - 5:30pm


Bannisters Pavilion


$25 online, $35 on the door


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