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If you have a creative idea for a workshop we want to know about it!

We’re inviting artists and creatives to be part of this year’s program by submitting your proposal to have your workshop included in this year’s Escape ARTFest program of events. 

There are plenty of benefits to being part of this well coordinated and promoted festival and it’s FREE to submit your proposal.

All we ask, in the interest of great creative engagement, is that your event, exhibition, workshop, etc. meets a simple criteria around relevance, quality and feasibility.

Workshop Selection Criteria

Our objective is to attract a broad demographic of workshop participants with diverse interests in line with the Escape ARTfest’s vision - “Showcasing artists to inspire the community”.


ARTfest's vision for workshops is to: 

  • Give artists and creatives a platform to inspire and encourage artistic endeavour and creativity

  • Provide opportunity for beginner, amateur and professional artists alike, to engage with and learn from professional artists across a number of media 

  • Reach out to people in our community who would benefit from exposure to creativity and encourage them to attend.


2019 ARTfest workshops should explore traditional and/or contemporary art practices using a range of media. These may include (but you are not limited to):

  • Painting/drawing

  • Digital arts and animation

  • Photography

  • Graphic design

  • Music/sound

  • Installation work and performance art

  • Sculpture

  • Ceramics

  • Textiles

  • Large scale artworks e.g. murals, stencils or graffiti.


Quality and/or originality of approach

  • Your workshop should be of high quality and/or original in its approach

  • Specialist workshops are encouraged

  • Workshops should be open to and accessible to the general public.


Feasibility of program

  • The workshop should be highly likely to succeed by having all or as many details worked out as possible

  • Workshop organisers accept all responsibility for the workshop, including organisation, provide a suitable and safe venue, skilled staffing, insurance, etc.

  • For artists or facilitators from outside of the Milton/Ulladulla area ARTfest's organising committee will assist with finding a suitable venue, logistics and support.



  • The workshop should occur during the Escape ARTfest, 10th - 13th October 2019

  • Workshops should be between 2-6 hours in duration.


Milton/Ulladulla focussed

The workshop should be located within reasonable proximity to Milton/Ulladulla. Online workshops designed specifically for a local audience might also qualify.


  • All submissions must be online, via the Escape Artfest website.

  • Please complete a separate form per workshop.

  • Complete all information and ensure that all other parties involved in your event are clear about the details provided here.

  • Applications close on 31 August 2019.

How Much Does It Cost?

$150 per workshop*. Workshop series may be negotiated. 

Your workshop will be supported by the Escape ARTfest organising committee and volunteers, promoted through an integrated digital marketing, advertising and publicity campaign (e.g. magazines, newspaper, radio, etc.) and featured on the Escape ARTfest website.

* Fees cover; administration, advertising and promotion, workshop insurance# and a contribution towards funding free workshops for disadvantage groups in our community.

# Depending on the nature of your workshop, at this point in the application process ARTfest cannot guarantee insurance cover. Where ARTfest insurance will not cover your workshop the facilitator will be required to provide proof of insurance.


If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the ARTfest team - info@escapeartfest.com.au

* The Escape ARTfest Organising Committee reserves the right to reject any workshop for any reason.